Friday, February 4, 2011

God's Persecuted Prophet's Foretold By JESUS!

Our enemies are truly ordained to help take God's people to their next level in Christ, being talked about in some of the most vicious ways known to man. God warned his people that they would suffer persecution from people of all walks of life. When church people hurt other church goers, it can be very damaging to ones spirit man. A wise man once said, "It is easy to spread a lie and hard to correct it with the truth." I will continue to help people to achieve the desires of their hearts. I remember when a preacher asked the late great Oral Roberts, "What do you do when people tell lies on you and put you in the media?" Oral Roberts responded, "Did they spell your name right?"

John 15:20-Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also


Reverend Daniel S. Mundell
The vision has not come easily.  They are a result of a man’s faith, determination and perseverance. Rev. Mundell
 has been preaching the Gospel since he was 8 years old.  Beginning as a child evangelist assisting his grandparents
 in churches across the country, the Reverend has been preaching for over 50 years.  His formal bible and
 religious training was the Foursquare Gospel Bible Seminary at Angelus Temple in Los Angeles. 
Reverend Mundell’s grandparents were associates and disciples of Aimee Simple McPhereson, the famous
American evangelist whose church was the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, home of Foursquare Seminary
After his Foursquare training he began to travel extensively across the country in a continuation of his calling
 by delivering a message of hope to people across the country regardless of religious affiliation, ethnicity or
economic status.
In 1976 a devastating car crash left Reverend Mundell without the use of his legs and bound to a wheelchair. 
For 2 ½ years doctors professed that he would never walk again.  He confessed that with God his ability to walk
again was not a sickness unto death, but a temporary challenge of his faith.  He remained faithful to the preaching
 of God’s Word, although bound to a wheelchair.  Many mocked and scoffed him, however, his testimony speaks
for itself - in a supernatural manifestation, Jesus Christ healed his crippled body.
In 1991, he incorporated his evangelical ministry under the name New Generation Ministries, Inc, in
Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.  Three years later he moved the ministry to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where he
pastored Solid Rock Family Worship Center for 10 years. 
In 1995, he fulfilled a lifetime vision of providing a ministerial training school for individuals who have a desire to work
 in the ministry.  He wanted to offer a school that all could attend regardless of religious affiliation, gender, or
economic position.  The school was birthed, free of charge, in October of 1995.  It is a faith school that
awakens, transforms and empowers individuals through the teaching of God’s uncompromising Word. 
The simple mission of the school is to prepare those who believe that they have been called to serve in the ministry
 with a spirit to do ‘whatever it takes.’   This training ground afforded Reverend Mundell the opportunity to write
many of his messages into books such as, “Broke, Busted and Disgusted; Time Traveler; This Sickness Is Not
Unto Death; Prayer Doesn’t Work for Everybody; The Last Stronghold; What Faith Are You?,” just to name a few.
Reverend Mundell’s passion and heart for the ministry has always been rooted in evangelizing.  In 2005, he
returned full-time to ministry gift of an Evangelist.  He remains in demand across the United States as a sought
after Evangelist.   The unconditional love he has for God’s people is unwavering as he is faithful in the ministry
 of distribution.  His message of prosperity and wealth for all areas of your life (spiritually, physically and financially)
are demonstrated in his delivery.  His dynamic preaching style is life changing, revealing and energetic. 
In 2009 Apostle Mundell came to the South Dallas TX area for a Holy Ghost filled camp meeting. 
Apostle Mundells’ vision was to expand the ministry and school thus on August 16, 2009 he began the School
of Ministry with one class and has expanded to 4 classes with a fifth starting in March 2011.  In 2010
Apostle Mundell has established and is the Apostle of Abundant Spiritual Life Ministries, Inc. in Cedar Hill, TX. 
 The Ministry School and Church under ASL are operating in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area with 2 active classes with
 a 3rd to be added this spring. The first graduation for the School of Ministry (SOM) in Dallas took place on
 September 11, 2010, with approximately 250 students participating, including students from the Florida school. 

Apostle Mundell, ever the visionary looks with great anticipation to the opening of the School of Ministry in
other Texas cities, throughout the United States and throughout the world.